Bearcats Dancin’ 7th Straight Year

Cincinnati Bearcats basketball is probably one of the more overlooked programs in the country. Sure, they play in a feeble American Athletic Conference, but somewhere along the line they’d earn a little bit of respect right?? Wrong.

The Bearcats won 29 games this season, with no bad losses. The Bearcats have a Mic Cronin team on steroids this season. They play their traditional defense, and have some good scorers to add to it.

The NCAA tournament committee gave them the proverbial shaft this season. They won 29 games. Beat Xavier, Beat SMU, beat a tough team on the road at Houston. Walked into Iowa State and won. This team is battle tested, and deserves more respect than they are receiving.

Now to discuss the horrendous bid they got in the NCAA tournament. The Bearcats received a 6 seed, and play the winner of Kansas State vs. Wake Forest. Both of whom are very talented teams. Whereas the god awful Xavier Musketeers play a mediocre Maryland team, followed by perhaps the weakest 3 seed in the bracket, Florida State.

Just goes to show how biased the selection committee can be. Not to mention, the Bearcats have beaten a handful of teams with better bids than them. Can anyone explain that to me?

However, I think the Bearcats will be tested early on against Kansas State or Wake Forest, but I think they will win that game and advance to play UCLA. I think UCLA is a soft team. I think if the Bearcats are shooting well, they can upset UCLA.

Also, I think the Bearcats are going to be a Sweet Sixteen team, playing the number Kentucky Wildcats. Unfortunately, I think that could be their final game of the year.

We’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.


Tom Brady out. Who’s starting

The long appeal process surrounding the infamous “deflate gate” has come to an end. The results are not very shocking… Star Quarterback, Tom Brady is suspended the first four games of the NFL regular season. With this major hole to fill, who is going to step up and be named the starter?

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The man who will try to fill that gaping hole, is Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Played college ball at Eastern Illinois University, where he performed above average. Although he rarely saw the field in his first two seasons with New England, he has thrown for 188 yards, and 1 touchdown. He has looked pretty solid in is first couple of preseason games, but he will need to elevate his game to another level in order to carry New England through the first four weeks.


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Jimmy Garoppolo at the 2014 NFL Combine